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My first songset...

*wavies* new to the community all, but I know the maintainer from buffy_icons so I figured I'd come check it out. Love what I have seen so far, now it's my turn :)

Well I posted this a long time back in buffy_icons, but it didn't get much response. Maybe it will get more here. I worked long and hard on it and hopefully the pics are still showing up. Take what you like but please COMMENT, CREDIT, and SHARE. :)

It's Buffy/Angel Shippery set to the tune of Neil Diamond's Love On The Rocks which to me is Buffy and Angel's theme song. Enjoy! It's in two parts, doubles (the lyrics are in pairs) and singles (the lyrics are separated). :)

"Love on the rocks, ain't no surprise..."
"Pour me a drink and I'll tell you some lies..."
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