Stephanie Adriana (rorschachkittie) wrote in yummy_songsets,
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A nearly full songset to the Bangles' "Eternal Flame"...and I say nearly because I gave up on looking for pictures to this one there. All shareable, credit is nice but not required. Cross-posted to buffy_icons.

Fonts used:
1. Ernest, ninja penguin; 2. 04b_03, Dali; 3. 04b_03, JSL Ancient; 4. 04b_03, 3 theHard way RMX; 5. Ernest, broken wing; 6. 04b_03, scriptina; 7. 04b_03, Dali; 8. ernest, gibberish; 9. 04b_03, bloomington; 10. ernest, gibberish; 11. 04b_03, fattip; 12. 04b_03, violation; 13. 04b_03, anarchistic; 14. 04b_03, Industrial Schizophrenic; 15. 04b_03, crosspatchers delight normal; 16. ernest, violation.
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