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deliciously timeconsuming

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Welcome to "yummy_songsets"! If you have come this far, then you probably know what a "songset" is. If not, then let me explain. A "songset" is a "set" of icons with text "set" to any lyrics of a particular song that you wish. Hence the name, "songset". Anyone is welcome to join. The community is open, but it is under my discretion to remove any member that does not comply with my simple, yet effective rules.

Rule #1. Songset posting only! There are many other wonderful communities out there that will allow you to post 1 or more icons.

Rule #2. NO SPOILERS! We who live in the U.S.A. are fortunate to get "Buffy", "Angel", and others of the sort a lot earlier then people in other countries. So, be considerate.

Rule #3. Have Fun. Keep it friendly and everything will be all gravy.

Also, this community isn't just for "Buffy", "Angel" and the like. As long as it's a songset...post it!

Welcome, now...get to songsetting